French "Sénat" Calls For Recovering Skulls Of Missing Persons In Liberation War

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icon-writer Hassen Houicha/English version: Dalila Henache

French "Séna" Senate called upon its government to intervene and end the search for the missing French during the Algerian war (liberation war), and to enable the families to recover the remains of the victims.

According to the written accountability by the French Senator Philippe Bonnecarrére, that was published on October,6, 2015, he draws the attention of the French Secretary of State to the Defense Ministry in charge of War Veterans and Memory, to the issue of the 20 soldiers who disappeared on the night of October 31, to the day of November,1, 1956 in the area of ​​Sidi Abdelly "Abdilis" during the colonial period, a region that is affiliated to the province of Tlemcen (western Algeria).

The accountability refers to the families of the missing who were never able to recover the skulls of the victims to the day, or at least their remains, and this in spite of the repeated notifications of the French authorities.

It said that the senator also calls upon the French State Secretary for Veterans and Memory, to reveal its scheme and steps that the government would like to do in order to end the search for those missing.

French Senator expanded his demand that was directed to the authorities of his country, when he insisted that the government should reveal the steps on the total missing in the Algerian war (war of liberation), who have no trace until now.

French move coincides at a time when members of the Algerian parliament refused to sign the initiative of the Association of Meshaal Achahid to ask France to give back the skulls of the Algerian resistance fighters in the Zaatecha and other revolutions, which are displayed at the Musée de l'Homme in Paris.

Variation and spacing positions of the two countries' MPs is clear, in a time when the French insisted on the recovering the skulls, body parts and the remains of missing persons in the war of liberation, a number of some Algerian MPs refuse to to sign an initiative by the Association of Meshaal Achahid (martyr), especially as the skulls of resistance fighters are shown to the public at the Parisian Musée de l'Homme.

The case raises a debate between Algeria and France, since Algeria War Veterans Minister, Tayeb Zitouni, said that Algeria made a formal request to the French authorities to restore the skulls of resistance fighters that are shown at the Musée de l'Homme, then an official spokesman for the French Foreign Ministry made a recent statement to Anatolia Turkish news agencies, and denies the receiving of any formal request from Algeria to recover any skulls.

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