Bouderbala: "Air Algerie's Plan To Face The Economic Crisis"

date 2016/10/16 views 274 comments 0

icon-writer Nouara Bachouche/English version: Dalila Henache

Air Algérie is currently working on a plan to realize a radical change because of the large reforms in the international economic environment and competitive pressures, General Manager of Air Algérie, Mohamed Abdou Bouderbala, said on Sunday.

"Private schools will be created to train pilots, aircraft maintenance and catering companies as well".

Bouderbala said, in a statement to the Channel 3 Radio, on Sunday, that 22 companies are competing Air Algérie, and provide services to multiple destinations abroad, which led to a significant decline in the revenues of Air Algérie, which prompted the company to reconsider its strategy, organization and invest more.

"A national school for air navigation will be created at the beginning of 2019 for the training Algerian and foreign pilots, and to provide aircraft maintenance training. Air Algérie intends to create catering companies, as one of them is under construction, to re-ship the goods."

On the other hand, the spokesman announced that Air Algérie plans to open new flights towards Gabon, Ethiopia and China in particular, pointing to the existence of ongoing discussions to launch an air line towards New York, adding that the company plans to make great efforts to increase flights with punctuality rate, asserting that it will reduce delays in flights by 69%.

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