Algeria Calls For The Need To Purify Arab Climate In All Fields – الشروق أونلاين
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Algeria called for the need to purify the Arab climate and find peaceful solutions to the various crises that exist between them through activating Arab solidarity and moving towards solving the crucial issues that are facing our Arab nation, Chairman of the National Assembly, Abdelkader Ben Saleh, who represented President Bouteflika, in the work of the Fourth Arab Summit for Economic and Social Development, in Beirut, on Sunday, said.

“We are meeting again at this summit under conditions in which the Arab world is undergoing major transformations and challenges on all political, economic and social fronts. It is necessary to consult and determine the situation and its consequences”.

“The economic integration between the Arab countries remains a lofty goal that we must achieve and set priorities by optimizing the enormous capabilities of our Arab homeland in establishing practical rules for every step we take. Today, we must identify the path of Arab integration based on monitoring the level that is reached by this project, gradually embodying the new stages that we must agree upon”.

President Bouteflika’s representative asserted, in the presence of a large boycott of heads of states and kings of the summit, that ” “The reality of the crises that are our Arab world should not discourage us to resolve problems and will not destroy our determination to harness all our capabilities to achieve the desired developmental integration, especially that our countries recognize today that the developments in this interdependent world is undergoing rapid transformation, and we have to keep up with it”.

“Our Arab states, according to the reality of each one of them, and according to their capabilities and experiences, are today practically engaged in joint work that aimed at establishing continuous cooperation, partnership and large integration”.

“Achievement of this aspiration (Arab integration) remains linked to the extent of our ability to overcome our differences and work to restore unity between us in order to create a real ground for building the desired Arab economic bloc, which aims to achieve a new and strong Arab economic system that is present regionally and internationally”.

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