Algeria Security Services Arrest Said Bouteflika, Generals Toufik And Tartag – الشروق أونلاين
الإثنين 20 ماي 2019 م, الموافق لـ 16 رمضان 1440 هـ آخر تحديث 19:33
الشروق العامة الشروق نيوز بنة تي في
إذاعة الشروق

Algeria security services have arrested Said Bouteflika, the former president Abdelaziz Bouteflika’s brother and two former intelligence chiefs, the Generals Bachir Athman Tartag and his predecessor, General Mohamed Madine, called Gen. Toufik.

The arrest of the “heads of the gang” as called by the Algerians comes after the 11th Friday of million-man demonstrations demanding the arrest of the heads of the corrupt officials and bringing them to justice, led by the three chiefs who were arrested today by security service of armed forces.

Previously, Maj. Gen. Ahmed Gaid Salah sent a final warning to General Toufik if he did not stop conspiring against the popular demonstrations after mentioning him by name in one of his last speeches, as he stated that General Toufik, the former intelligence chief, was one of the parties to the suspicious meetings.

The two generals Toufik and Tartag are expected to be brought, on Sunday, before the military court, while the date of transferring “Said Bouteflika” to justice is still unknown.

Several sources spoke about the involvement of the three detainees in a serious blood plot against Algeria and the popular demonstrations.

The same sources spoke about their plot to oppress the peaceful movement using violent methods, and indicated their implication in the case of weapons that were seized in recent weeks and which were said to be “heavy war ammunition and weapons”.

The General Directorate of National Security has issued a serious statement in which it talked about the seizure of these weapons and added that some of them were used in the assassinations during the crisis of the nineties, in a clear reference to a specific “security” party.

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