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Algerian businessmen who are active in the field of importation have suffered a severe blow after the seizure of a large number of large-size containers that are packed with 500.000 suspected units of spare parts and sportswear with international brands that import these goods from China, while owners of original marks sued importers, official sources from customs’services said.

In the details, Echorouk sources confirmed that the regional directorate of Algiers port seized a significant number of containers with counterfeit goods of famous international brands, especially in the field of clothing and spare parts that were shipped from the commercial dock in the port of Guangzhou and the port of Shanghai to Algeria.

According to the figures, the period between January 15th and May 15th noticed the import of 500.000 units of spare parts for Mercedes, Hyundai, Volkswagen, Renault, and the seizure of shoes and sports wear from international brands as Adidas, Nike, and Puma.

The inspection of goods, after examining the samples in the presence of the owners of the real marks, showed that it is related to the imitation of 90.000 thousand units, including spare parts for the French brand “Renault”, and shoes in the form of Adidas, Nike, and Puma.

Since the reduced value of these shoes with the authorized mark, which does not exceed $ 10 per pair by importers, constituted an additional indicator proving these customs irregularities, since the real price of non-imitated sports shoes ranges between 85 and 110 Euros per unit, and sports clothes of the same brand, as the amount of money of the seized goods is 20 million dinars.

According to Echorouk sources, seven dealers in original brands such as Renault, Nike, Adidas and Puma have sued the importers at the regional courts against the businessmen on charges of imitating the original brands, which caused considerable losses to them.

According to a field customs investigation, more than 80% of counterfeit products that enter the Algerian market are originate from illegal imports, which are the main window for the access of counterfeit goods to the country through those known as the businessmen of suitcase, as the majority of imitated goods are Asian by 55%, notably China with 52%, then Taiwan and Thailand.

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