Abou Jarra Soltani to Echorouk: "Amar Ghoul will chair the coming Parliament"

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icon-writer Echorouk/Dalila Henache

Minister of Public Works, Amar Ghoul, will be the chairman of the National People's Assembly after 10 May legislative elections, if the so-called the "Bloc of Green Algeria" composed of HAMS, Annahda and the National Reform Movement, got the majority of voices in the next polls, Abu Jarra Soltani, President of the Movement of Society for Peace told Echorouk.

Is Amar Ghoul the candidate chosen by the Islamic bloc to chair the coming parliament?


-The bloc of Islamists is looking forward to get a parliamentary majority, and takes into account the possibility of alliances within the parliament, and for this ambition, it has the right to arrange the potential to win the chairmanship of National People's Assembly, and although the bloc of Green Algeria holds a lot of candidates who are highly qualified professionals to do this great job, but personally I think the Minister Amar Ghoul is the most qualified for this position, because he has all characteristics  which honors the Algerian parliament.


If the "Islamic alliance" got the majority of seats in the coming parliament, who is your candidate to occupy the position of the  Prime Minister?

- This depends on two previous conditions on the nomination of a national figure for the position of  a prime minister, namely:

1 - Revision of the Constitution to establish the nature of the system that is appropriate to the Algeria's present.

2 - Potential alliances between the first winners with the majority within the parliament.

However, currently the appointment of the Prime Minister comes to the decision of the President of the Republic in accordance to the text of the current Constitution.


In you Opinion how much the number of seats will the "bloc of green Algeria", and the whole Islamic parties win in the coming elections?

- Estimates are difficult in light of race and the proliferation of lists of candidates for political parties and independents, to even public opinion thinks that 10 May 2012 will be the "revolution of polls ," so we can not predict any result, because the people is the only one who can choose the color and the person, program and orientation, but the signs are encouraging that the Islamic movement will occupy a leading position, and I think that the "bloc of green Algeria" will lead the vanguard of the Islamic movement, as it received the encouragement and blessing of other sympathizers with the Islamic and national movement , and the general public.


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