Elections Monitoring Commission: Violations amid Electoral Campaign due to the Lack of Coordination

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icon-writer Echorouk_Dalila Henache

Electoral campaign for 10 May polls noticed on the third day several violations, as the Independent National Commission to monitor the elections accuses some candidates of exploiting the state's means, and criticised the lack of coordination with the administration which is stalling to respond.

Vice-Chairman of the Committee Abderrahman Akif, who is also a representative of the National Movement for Nature and Growth, told Echorouk; "The violations included posters advertising outside the specified premises, which reaches even the East-West highway, and on the walls of government institutions, as well as the use of vehicles of the state and public institutions in the election campaign. Some ministers candidates continue retention of bodyguards. Some posters were also teared by unknown persons. Pictures of national icons, including the President Bouteflika were used by some candidates, not to mention the use of the french language by some candidates to address the citizens at public gatherings.

"Instructions of the President of the Republic Abdelaziz Bouteflika, were not applied account. The Commission received information without concrete evidence. We receive reports of violations here and there, and the Commission shall investigate the validity of these violations, including the talk about the imams' use of streets to promote for some lists of candidates and certain political parties, as well as the use of schools and educational institutions, universities for partisan propaganda".

The spokesman attributed these violations to the "lack of coordination between the Independent Electoral Commission and administration to protect places of the electoral campaign, and stalling of authorities intervene and respond to the notices of the Commission, and their negative impartiality to a lot of cases of violations on the other hand, adding that "The cause of tearing posters, is the lack of awareness among some citizens, "noting that the Committee headed by Mohammed Saddiki, will prepare a preliminary report on violations recorded during a week of the campaign.

On the other hand, the Vice-Chairman of the Independent National Commission to monitor the elections, asserted that alphabet will be added on the voting papers of the Liberal candidates, at the level of areas of their campaign, in chronological order to fill their candidacy files, instead of lots that were allocated for the political parties.

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