Jurists, imams and citizens ask for the execution of "Shaima's" killer

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icon-writer Fadila.Mokhtari/English version: Dalila Henache

More than 10.000 people voted in the survey of Echorouk, about the punishment which the idnapper and murderer of the girl Shaima deserves, and about 6637 citizens chose the death penalty on the offender, and away from the language of figures, human rights activists, clerics, and associations raise their voices to demand the execution.

In response to a question: What is the punishment, which can be proposed to the Algerian legislature, to be imposed on the kidnappers and killers of children? The results of voting at 14:30 PM on Sunday, revealed that the overwhelming majority of voters demanded the death of the offender, including 6637 people, while about 315 people voted for life prison, and about 353 people voted for prison and hard labor, and 121 people voted for other sanctions.

Most of the comments on the subject of reaching the suspect of killing the little girl Shaima, agreed on his execution by hanging to be an example for other killers. On the other hand voices of ssociations and organizations demanded the execution, and put it out of the circle of being "suspended", as the president of the National Organization for the Promotion of Human Rights and a member of the National Commission for Human Rights, Professor Khayati told Echorouk: "What

was done and committed by the criminal and offender is considered a heinous crime , he did not kill only the child Shaima, he kidnapped her, and this is a crime that can be punishable by law, and then raped an eight years girl, it is a heinous crime against childhood, which deserves life prison, and the third crime that was committed by the offender is killing his victim in all cooler blood with previous

premeditation, which is of course, subject to death penalty.

Association of lawyers: The offender may not find someone to defend him

Position of the Professor Khayati, is shared by the head of the National Union of Lawyers' Organizations, Moustafa Anwar, who told Echorouk: "According to the language of law, and according to circumstances of the crime, the offender should not get less than his

sentence for the death penalty. This provision is recognized by law, and judges also sentence death, but it remains a state's file".

"The killer will likely not find a lawyer to defend him, but the Association of lawyers could entrust to him a lawyer, and is obliged to do so, and can not disavow his defense, because he can not be tried

without a lawyer".

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