Echorouk ranks 1st "Forbes" most influential online newspaper in the Maghreb

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Echorouk newspaper ranks first in the Maghreb region and Fourth in the Arab world in Forbes online Arab newspapers awards, on the list of the most influential newspapers on the Internet for the year 2012, as it included more than 70 media outlets in the Arab countries .

Echorouk ranks fourth in the Arab World, after the Egyptian "Al-Ahram and "Al Yaoum Assabie", and the Emirati "Gulf News", and ranks first in the Maghreb region, thanks to its website Echoroukonline .

This new award for Echorouk is the third in a row after that being awarded the second largest Arab newspaper with its presence on the Internet in 2011, advancing with one place in the "Forbes" contest, as it ranked third most influential Arab newspaper in 2010

Forbes" adopted in this year's classification new standards, as it launched detailed search on the level of 71 media outlets across 14 Arab countries, by setting three lists of the most influential Arab

media on Internet, according to comprehensive classifications According to the global magazine, this list has been prepared based on data of international websites, which are specializes in media

monitoring on the Web, such as "Google Analytics", and data of social networks, and their contribution to increasing the presence of newspapers on Internet "Forbes" award was granted to the General Manager of Echoroukonline Mr. Nassim Lakhal, on behalf of the Director General of Echorouk newspaper Mr. Ali Fodil.

The new standards adopted by the magazine "Forbes" in classifying of the year 2012, played an important role in the progress of websites as Echorouk succeeded in occupying a place among the major websites and Arabic newspapers in countries that noticed a wave of events within the so-called revolutions of Arab Spring, as they attracted the public on Internet as a primary means which led these popular movements.

Kholoud El Amiane, supervisor of "Forbes" contest, said in this regard; "we wanted a deeper study for this year, to include all the media, of all kinds, which attracted the reader and the Arab viewer,

and we chose this year a quality study, so we studied the impact and power of social media and its contribution to the increased presence of newspapers on Internet."

This award came to confirm the newspaper's position on the Web in Algeria and the Arab world, as "Echorouk Online" is considered the first nationally in terms of the number of visitors which reached the average of 400.000 visitors a day, along with more than 300.000 subscribers in the web page on Facebook and dozens of thousands on Twitter and Google Plus.

Echoroukonline offers a real-time news service around the clock along with its interactive nature, offering service to comment on articles and news, as well as video service, polls and ongoing debates

Forbes' classification:

Crowned newspapers:

1- Ahram, Egypt

2-Yaoum Sabie, Egypt

3- Golf News, UAE

4 -Echorouk, Algeria

5- Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

6-Okaz, Saudi Arabia


8-Today Emirates, UAE

9-Al Bayane, UAE

10-Al Safir, Lebanon

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