Bouteflika orders government to serve citizens

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icon-writer Samira.Belamri/English version: Dalila Henache

President Abdelaziz Bouteflika ordered on Wednesday the government to exert more efforts in order to provide conditions for supply of all citizens with a "high quality" public service, while the amended law and supplemented to the law containing the conditions for the exercise of commercial activities approved flexibility on administrative procedures relating to the creation of institutions and jobs.

According to the statement of the Council of Ministers, the President "instructed the government to make greater efforts in order to realize the best and most transparent conditions for the supply of all

citizens with an equal public service, which continues with the rehabilitation of all public facilities and developing them in order to make it in the service of the citizen.

The scheme of the government is structured on major themes, including improving governance in order to strengthen the rule of law and radical rehabilitation of public service and upgrade national cohesion in addition to strengthening economic and financial space, especially in order to enhance the clarity of the path of national development and improving the investment climate through the property in particular, and to continually update the financial system and doubling the effectiveness of the economic role of the state The cabinet approved a draft law amending and supplementing the law and containing the conditions for the exercise of commercial activities designed to give flexibility to the administrative procedures, thereby facilitating the establishment of institutions and

jobs for young people. "As it approved the draft laws concerning a number of sectors, led by the signing of the finance bill, parallel with the ratification of the text on the organization and the

development of training, physical activity and sports, which aimed to get rid of the obstacles that encountered the course of the application of the law 2004, and the fight against negative practices,

and the elimination of violence in stadiums and sports' spaces

According to a statement the Council of Ministers, and in his speech about this file, the president called upon government "to make a sustainable framework for consultation and follow-up and evaluation that can ensure consistent implementation and resolute programs that

were determined by the public authorities in the field of upgrading sports and physical education, while they have taken new measures which aimed at democratizing the use of postal services and

telecommunications, and new technologies for information and communication".

According to the provisions of the draft law, which defines the rules that are applicable to the ctivities of post and telecommunications and those associated with information and communication technologies aim to devote democratization of the use of e-services and telecommunications and new technologies The President called for the need to focus "this dynamic, more

particularly to develop access to internet with a high flow and very high for the benefit of citizens and economic entities This program includes appropriate regulatory actions, as well as network security procedures and accuracy of the information and data

protection and privacy

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