Algeria: political parties to reactivate draft law on colonization criminalization

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icon-writer By: Latifa Belhadj / English version: M. A.

A total of 14 political parties want to reconsider a law on colonization criminalization at the People’s National Assembly as members will formulate the new text as people’s representatives only.

The parties are expected to meet on Sunday to agree on an action plan. “The objective of the 14 parties is to reactivate the draft law on colonization criminalization,” leader of Nahda political party Fateh Rebii told Echorouk.

Leader of the Front of New Algeria Djamel Ben Abdesselam said people must recover their rights, memory must be defended and the national economy must be protected. “That needs a road map. I am confident that deputies will pass the law.”

He added that the 14 parties will hold continuous meetings to seek ways to reach that objective.

He criticized former Parliament for hindering the project and did not respect legal procedures.

Spokesman for the National Commission of Memory defense Lakhdar Ben Said said a national conference will be held on February 18th. Leaders of parties, national organizations, historic, national personalities and lawyers will attend the conference.

“The draft law on colonization criminalization will be presented in coordination with FLN’s deputy Moussa Abdi provided that deputies will participate as elected people and not as party members.”

“This principle was agreed on in a meeting between the party members including the MSP’s leader Abu Djerra Soltani. Earlier, the initiative was suggested by Islah, FFS and FLN’s members but it was not successful,” he added.

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