France settles situation of 53 Algerian illegal immigrants after hunger strike

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icon-writer By: Hassan. H. / English version: M. A.

French authorities started implementing a circular to settle illegal immigrants’ situation. France settled the situation of more than 53 Algerian illegal immigrants following a hunger strike in a church. The immigrants have gone on strike for more than 55 days.

According to French media, 147 immigrants have gone on hunger strike in Saint Maurice church in Lille since November. Authorities were obliged to settle the situation of 53 Algerian immigrants while 80 others continue their strike in the same church.

Spokesman for immigrants said French authorities refuse to look after ill illegal immigrants. “I saw a tragic scene of an illegal immigrant who had a heart problem because of hunger strike. Yet, he was not taken to hospital.”

Many human rights organizations in Lille called for protests to ask for settling the situation of Algerian illegal immigrants.

A meeting is expected to be held between the illegal immigrants and representatives of the French State early in 2013.

Earlier, French interior minister Manuel Valls told Echorouk France included Algerian illegal immigrants in the circular in an attempt to end discrimination.

“Previous governments exercised discrimination and exclusion against Algerian illegal immigrants,” he said.

According to coordinator of Algerian Citizens’ Movement in France Amar Ait Mokhtar, the number of undocumented Algerian immigrants in France is estimated at 200,000

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