Testimonies of first survivor in Ain Aminas terrorist attack

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icon-writer Nouara Bachouche/English version: Dalila Henache

Echorouk interviewed one of the security agents who met with the terrorist groups before they broke into the oil base, where they threatened to liquidate him if he will make any phone call in the advanced center 342.

He is called Ramdan Ben Saida, 22 and is now working in the German dredger 212. He told Echorouk via a phone interview on Saturday, that he is still under shock due to the details of the storming of terrorist groups into the petroleum base; "As usual, I went out at around five in the morning from the oil base and headed to work in the advanced center 342, which is 30 km from the base, and when I was wearing the cloths for work, I saw a four-wheels black car from about 1 km, I wondered about its presence and contacted directly via radio with officials at the base, but they did not bother me attention and interrupted the conversation, then I hided the "radio".

"After a few moments a "Station" car stopped and three people got out wearing militarily uniforms, and they asked me to give them the "radio", and I told them I do not have a radio because I work with my mobile phone, then they asked me to give them information about the place of foreigners. I asserted that I am just an employee and I do not know anything about the headquarters of their presence, and then they asked me to leave with raising hands above my head .. I left the place, and I walked away about 20 kilometers, until I got to the headquarters of the German dredger No. 212, where I am currently besieged along with other 60 workers".

Sixty Algerian workers, who are is still detained in the petroleum base in Ain Amenas, through Echorouk, as a hostages spokesman called Reda, called upon, in a phone call directly from the German dredger 212 on Saturday, and asserted that they are trapped since last Wednesday, adding that they are now living a miserable situation, as terrorists threatened to booby-trap the place, and that national gendarmerie units and army who are present in the place asked us not to leave the German dredger, because it was mined by terrorist groups, stressing that they now face a difficult life without eating or drinking".

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