Head of the People's State Council to Echorouk: "Terrorists of different origins sneaked from Libya"

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icon-writer Dalila Belkhir/English version: Dalila Henache

Seven foreign nationals from Japan, Philippines and India were freed on Saturday, within eleven o'clock at night, Head of the People's State Council in Illizi, Mensouri Bilal told Echorouk on Saturday, near the life base in Tigentourine.

"Authorities identified the identity of the majority of the terrorists, who turned out to be of different nationalities, and are not from the area, as it have also been circulated previously, as investigations which were launched by security services about them, showed that there is a Canadian terrorist who speaks only English within the terrorist group which attacked the life base in Ain Aminas", he added.

Investigations also show that there are terrorists from Tunisia, Libya, Yemen and Egypt, in addition to a Mauritanian named Abdellah Ould Ahmida, who joined "Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb" in 2009, when he was only 14, as well as a limited number of Algerians.

Investigations that were launched on the operation, that attracted a large media follow-up of major international channels, and international media, show that the terrorist group entered from the Libyan border and sneaked into the area after it failed in the abduction of nationals who were on board of the bus, after a confrontation with the National Gendarmerie, which was securing the road for foreign workers and Algerian workers at the level of the life base in the region, and the terrorist group continued to hold the rest of the national from Norway, USA, Britain and Japan at the plant level away from the base of life.

Crisis cell at 15 away from the life base

Authorities refused to grant the media and the general public any authorization to enter the gas field that was besieged by the forces of National People's Army, where the majority of citizens who went to the security check point, at about 15 kilometers from the base, returned back, because the national popular army occupied an area of crisis at the entrance of the oil region of Tigentourine, according to Echorouk reportage of Saturday from the region, where tents of the civil protection, accompanied by troops of the services of the national gendarmerie, and though we try repeatedly to enter the region, we did not succeed, because authorities refused to license that, due to the sensitivity of the region and seriousness on the arrivals, so we returned back, as the road to Tigentourine was blocked with military vehicles and cars of civil protection and rescue teams, but Sonatrach trucks did not stop their activity.

Identification of 15 corpses, including terrorists, deportation of four British

Authorities identified on Saturday, 15 corpses that have been transferred to the hospital for public health in Ain Aminas, as official sources told Echorouk, that i come to two terrorists, and 13 foreign nationals, including four British who were deported, four Philippines and five Japanese, and the death toll figures remain different after the military operation that was carried out by special forces of the national People's Army, to free the foreign nationals who have been detained by the terrorist group, which called itself "Al Muakioune Bidam" "blood signatories", which is activ under the command of Mokhtar Belmokhtar, alias Khaled Abu Abbas known Al Awar, leader of "Al Moulathamoune (masked) battalion", under the banner of "Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb".

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