Driver ‘Al Mandjal’ guided attackers to oil field

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icon-writer By: Dalila Belkhir in In Amenas / English version: M. A.

Investigations on In Amenas attack showed that British Petroleum’s driver was involved in the planning of the act. He is on the run and security forces works on finding out his identity, Echorouk has learnt.

Arrested Tunisian terrorist Abu Talha told investigators Al Mandjal gave foreign companies and workers-related information to the terrorist group led by Mokhtar Belmokhtar alias Khaled Abu Abbas.

The 33-year-old Tunisian terrorist’s real name is Derbali Laaroussi. He joined the terror organization in 2009.

He said Al Mandjal gave terrorist the gas site maps and guided the attackers to the complex with a man called Zaid and another driver.

Information about the second driver show that he is from Mali’s Tuaregs. He has recently joined the company.

The Algerian army forces found dead bodies in the oil refinery on Wednesday. They were taken to laboratory for a DNA test.

Sources say it is not known yet the companies for which the five missing foreign hostages worked and whether they were in vacation or not during the attack in Tiguentourine.

The oil refinery has not been reactivated yet. According to its director, at least one month and a half-repair works are needed. The army forces and the police have dismantled three bombs put by the attackers in the oil field. Other bombs are still remaining there.

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