Prime Minister Abdelmalek Sellal summoned to express about the opening of the Algerian space to foreign warplanes

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icon-writer Lakhdar Rezaoui: English version: H.A

The leader of the Islamic party Front of Justice and Development Abdellah Djabellah has formally asked, during a parliamentary session, the Prime Minister Abdelmalk Sellal about the opening of the Algerian airspace to the French warplanes to carry out military actions to dislodge terrorists in Northern Mali.

The parliamentarian Lekhdar ben Khellaf has called on the Prime Minister to answer the question within the framework of the constitutional clauses 100 and 134 as well as the organic law 99-02 of the parliament’s in-laws.

The question focussed on the Algerian government’s commitment’s to the executive decree fixing the conditions of granting permission to foreign warplanes to fly over the national territory.

To recall, the article 26 of the Algerian constitution stipulates that Algeria objects the resort to war in order to violate foreign peoples’ sovereignty and will do its utmost to settle the international conflicts peacefully.

Ben Khellaf has indicated that the public opinion is now doubting the Algerian authorities’ real drives, noting that they have yielded to the superpowers’ pressures

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