Terrorism:"Droukdel" afraid of being poisoned by new recruits

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icon-writer By: Nadia Slimani / English version: Dalila Henache

Algiers Criminal Court postponed the case of an activity of 48 terrorists led by Abdelmalek Droukdel, because the defense of one of the involved challenged the content of the referral decision.


The defendants face serious felonies related to the creation of a terrorist group, possession of illegal weapons and ammunition without a license, intentional sabotage of public buildings and vehicles by explosives, demolition of buildings with public benefit and public roads using bombs, causing collective massacres using explosives in public places.

The file mentioned about a hundred accused, 52 of them were killed by security services, along with Droukdel, and leader of al Ansar battalion "B.A", whose latest statements, after he surrendered to security services in 2009, that terrorist groups were trying to reach some of the judges, who were assigned to adjudicate in terrorist cases, for bribing and enable the accused to be declared not guilty.

Facts of the case started after the arrest of a terrorist in December 2006, who was asked to buy 11 plastic bags of "ammonia", which was directed to make hand grenades, for the purpose of detonation on public roads.

The judicial file also speaks about more than 20 collective massacres which targeted citizens and military personnel, and the kidnapping of businessmen, as defendants also spoke about "Droukdel" s fear of being attacked and poisoned with his fellows, especially  by the new elements of support and backing, adding that in one of the meetings that brought together Droukdel with Emirs of criminal groups and battalions, he ordered them to carry out a terrorist attack every three months.

Observers also mentioned that terrorist groups asked a migrant in Spain to buy modern devices, like portable computers, GPS devices, smartphones and binoculars.

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