Rached Al- Ghanouchi to Echourouk: France acted as if Tunisia was a protectorate

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icon-writer By: Kamel Moussaoui / English version: H. A

In a lengthy interview made to Echouorouk,the leader of the Tunisian Islamic movement “Anahdha” Rached Al Ghanouchi has labelled the events prevailing now in Tunisia as “ sad” and called for the creation of a government of national reconciliation not made of technocrats as suggested by the Prime Minister Hamadi djabali.

He has indicated that issues will be settled within hours with the view to protecting the country’s stability and the revolution’s legacy. He warned the Salafis against any attempt to shake this stability in the wake of the call launched by their leader Abu –Ayadh who asked 12 thousand Tunisian Jihadists affiliated with Al – Qaeda based in Iraq to comeback home.


Al- Ghanouchi said that Tunisia is going through a transitional phase in the democratic process but a painful one. The events are discrediting the revolution’s legacy and the government alike.


The leader went on saying that violence is strange to the Tunisian society, referring to the cowardly assassination of Chokri Belaid saying that those who carried out the act are enemies of the revolution.


As to the suggestion made by the head of government Hamadi Djabali to appoint a caretaker government made of technocrats, Al-Ghanouchi said that this one didn’t act as the secretary general of Anahdha but as a head of government rocked by an unprecedented crisis in the wake of the killing of the political opponent Chokri Belaid.


He further added that Djabali didn’t advise them about his initiative this is why we have ruled it out because it is doomed to fail because it is not based on sound political basis. Djabali will announce the failure of his move within few hours and start a new round of discussions with different political parties to appoint a national reconciliation government.


Al Ghanouchi has denied the existence of any dissentions within his party saying that he is regularly discussing with Hamadi Djabali to find a consensual solution to the crisis, noting that the new government will be announced before the end of the week at the latest.


Replying to a question concerning the bilateral ties between Algeria and Tunisia, Al – Ghanouchi has indicated that the relationships were excellent especially on the security and economic levels. However , he lambasted the French authorities that acted , according to him, as if Tunisia was a French protectorate forgetting that the country is sovereign.

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