Tiguentourine attackers recruited spies

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icon-writer By: Dalila Belkhir / English version: M.A.

Al-Qaeda’s affiliate Signers in the Blood Battalion recruited two men to keep watch on a gas facility in Tinguentourine (south of Algeria) before they had carried out a terrorist attack and held foreign workers hostage, Echorouk has learnt.

Algerian security forces arrested two elements of terror support cells who were involved in the attack plan. Three terrorists arrested following a military operation led by the national army to release the hostages gave details about the two recruited elements.

One of the two arrested terrorists owned a shop on the Algerian-Libyan borders. He sold food to terrorists who convinced him to join them along with the second person.

They were assigned to transport a terrorist to the oil field as part of the attack plan. They said Abu Shanab’s group negotiated with them about the plan in the shop which was close to terrorists in Libya.

According to the same sources, the arrested terrorists did not talk about driver Al Mandjal who was mentioned by Abu Al Baraa saying he was their guide. That means the attackers used all the means to carry out their act. The arrested terrorists were in charge of giving an external plan while Al Mandjal gave them information about the area and foreign nationals and the facility map.

Security forces are investigating into the identity of Al Mandjal who worked for British Petroleum (BP) and used fake identity documents.

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