Cheb Khaled to Echorouk: "I did not and I will not disclaim from Algerian Nationality"

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icon-writer By: Sid Ahmed Fellahi / English version: Dalila Henache

King of Rai, Khaled Hadj Brahim, finally decided to put an end to the silence and the suspense which he chose recently, which made him a good news for the media that made him vulnerable to arrows of criticism and rumors, beginning by the charges of repudiation of hid Algerian Nationality to the issue of implicating him in corruption cases and even in cocaine trafficking.

Echorouk exclusively spoke to him (through a lengthy phone call from Luxembourg) e with all heartburn about what he suffered in the current period, due to the rumors that have greatly influenced his psyche and made him prefer isolation and refusal to deal with the media because, as he said, there are those who are trying to fish in troubled waters and to compete for the promotion of the rumors that have affected him much and his family as well.

First of all tell us about your personal affairs in the midst of data and all this talk that has been said about you.

Wallah (believe me), I am very sad and surprised a lot of the fierce campaign which is targeting me and trying to destroy me in various ways, and what kills me more is that the plot did not come from overseas as I used to find, but came out of my compatriots, while some fancy in hurting me by fabricating charges and spreading rumors. 

What about the details of what happened and the reasons that made you vulnerable to criticism either through newspapers or even some satellite channels and social networks?

The beginning was with the issue of the Moroccan Nationality and their talk about disclaiming from the Algerian Nationality, as I was stunned not because of the news but due to the way it was promoted, so they made of me an immoral and unscrupulous person without a nationality. I'll say it out loud: Khaled is Algerian and will die as an Algerian. I still travel with an Algerian passport which I cherish very much, and I have proof of what I say through the visas that are marked in it during my recent travels.

So what's the story of the Moroccan Nationality that raised a controversy?

To summarize talk, let me tell you that the higher authorities of Morocco praised me, and as a token of love that the royal palace cherish for my personal capacity as an artist of the Maghreb, it offered me the Moroccan nationality as a gift. I was pleased with it because I realized that I have earned the hearts and minds, and my fame exceeded the borders until some Maghreb youth wished I had their nationalities, as a way of expressing love and appreciation for me, and I'll be fair if I was able to carry the rest of the Maghreb Nationalities like Tunisian and Libyan and elsewhere. But, everyone should understand that I 'm an Algerian from the beautiful City Oran (western Algeria), and I will remain like this and I have never traveled to a place without my first companion in the bag, the Algerian Flag.

Some people considered that the act of aggression which ended with tearing the Algerian flag from the top of the Algerian consulate building in Casablanca is enough to refuse such courtesy by the royal palace, to prove some sort of support to the Algerian people and show jealousy on your country.

We should not make a crazy act by an idiot person an argument to blur the shared history between the two brotherly countries. I am not saying these words only, but ask history how many Moroccans who fought with their Algerian brothers during the Algerian Liberation Revolution, and there are even martyrs who sacrificed their lives in order to free Algeria, and there are millions of Moroccans living in Algeria and there are Algerians living in Morocco since years without any problem. Allow me to add the idea in the same context.

Ok, no problem. What is it?

They are Talking about the Moroccan Nationality like I have chosen the Israeli citizenship, and I say this from this context,  why did not they criticize those who hold the French citizenship, both the class of people or even officials, although they naturalized under the name of the state that killed a million and a half million martyrs?

They also said that your wife is the one who encourages you to carry the Moroccan Nationality because she has Moroccan roots.

(Angry) Those who said the my wife is Moroccan are liars,she is an Algerian from Djebala mountainous area, which is administratively belonging to the state of Tlemcen (western Algeria), and the evidence is that My wife's father was laid to rest recently in that region, and we had attended his funerals for condolences.



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