Start young, aim high!

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Studying subjects like mathematics. history and science at school certainly provides a wealth of skills and knowledge to use and apply in later life. However, there are other skills, essential in the world of employment, which are best developed through practical, work-related experience - things like teamwork. punctuality and negotiation techniques.

There is a charity in the UK which helps equip young people with valuable business and entrepreneurial skills. Young Enterprise enlists volunteers from more than 3,500 companies who will go into schools to mentor students through a variety of programmes including, for children aged 12 to 16, Personal Economics and Learn to Earn.

Inspired young students often go on to achieve great things in the world of business and industry. Josh Sharp was only 14 when he first took part in Young Enterprise events. Two years later, he received an investment of £150.000 to support the launch of his internet-based company. Fitness Central UK, which provides links between fitness centres and their customers.

Meanwhile 14- and 15-year-old students at a Burnley secondary school received expert advice from managers at multinational business, Balfour Beatty on how to price and market their glassware products. They have since given a presentation on their company. ChequeMate, to HRH The Prince of Wales.

Word of the day: Entrepreneur (n) (From French)

An entrepreneur is a person who starts their own business and is willing to take risks to succeed.

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