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Ask any group of teenagers in the UK what they most like to eat, and foods like pizzas, curries, pasta, burgers and chips are bound to get a mention - and many young people would probably also list hanging out at the local fast-food restaurant as one of their favourite pastimes.

But what teenagers like to eat is not necessarily what they should be eating. According to the National Diet and Nutrition Survey. far too many young people in the UK between the ages of four and le consume too much fat, sugar and salt in their diet and take in too many calories. Meanwhile their intake of starchy carbohydrates. fibre. iron, vitamins and calcium is too low.

For a growing body, eating foods containing plenty of calcium, such as milk, yoghurt and cheese, is particularly important as calcium is essential for the development of healthy. strong bones. Similarly, foods that are rich in iron are good for young, rapidly developing bodies. so red meat. bread. green vegetables, dried fruit and fortified breakfast cereals are also recommended.

It is during our teenage years that lifestyle habits can become entrenched, so it is crucial that young people are educated about what foods are good for them. In 2005, and in an attempt to change eating habits and open teenagers' minds to new flavours and new tastes, celebrity chef Jamie Oliver launched a 'Feed Me Better' campaign. As part of a television series. 'Jamie's School Dinners', he worked with teachers and cooks in a number of schools across

Word of the day: Campaign
Campaign is both a noun and a verb. The noun campaign means an organised programme to change or influence something. A politician may have an election campaign, or a business may have a marketing campaign to advertise their products. Jamie Oliver campaigned to get children eating healthier food. Campaign is from French and was used more than 500 years ago to talk about military battles.

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