Restaurants for Malian and Syrian refugees in Ramadan

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icon-writer By: Ilhem Boutheldji and Belkacem Houam / English version: Dalila Henache

Head of the Algerian Red Crescent, Saida Benhbiles, called on Wednesday, for the need to create constitutional Kids' Rights, in order to certify laws that criminalize the exploitation of kids in labor, and criminalize the various forms of violence against children.

"I focused on protecting the kids' rights in the overall proposals that I made during her participation in the consultations to amend the constitution, as a representative of the Algerian Red Crescent, which coincides with the celebration of the World Day against child labor here on Wednesday".
"Algerian Red Crescent has focused on the need to consider the kids' rights in the constitution through supporting all articles that perpetuate the principle of respecting human rights, and maintaining his dignity. Protection of vulnerable groups, especially kids is a one of the priorities that were supported by the President of the Republic, and this is reflected by inviting officials and representatives of the Algerian Red Crescent to participate in the consultations to amend the constitution with Ahmed Ouyahia."
"Phenomenon of kids' abduction that spread recently in the Algerian society is not new. Most effective solution is applying more severe punishment by applying maximum punishment against kids' abductors, as it is one of the most important proposals that are made by the Algerian Red Crescent in consultations to amend the constitution, relating to including rights the elderly in constitution. Awareness campaigns should be launched to instill a sense of solidarity with the Algerian families, and force children and the Algerian state to help the category of the elderly."
Regarding the proposals for determining the regime, she said that the Red Crescent favored the semi-presidential system, because the parliamentary system embodies aspects of democracy, but this can only be realized through upgrading and improving the existing resources in the parliament.
"Restaurants of mercy were allocated to receive Malian and Syrian refugees throughout the month of Ramadan in various Wilayas of the country, after their numbers increase, and their dependence on begging to ensure food and drink, as the Red Crescent started for the first time, to think about this category, and integrate it into the process of solidarity for the holy month Ramadan".
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