MPs Refuse To sign A Petition To Retrieve Martyrs' Skulls From France

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icon-writer Moataz Rouabeh/English version: Dalila Henache

Mechaal Achahid Association launched a campaign of signing a petition in order to ask the French authorities to give back the skulls of the Algerians resistance martyrs, which are placed at the Musée de l'Homme in Paris, on three different steps of the signing, the first starts from the Parliament's chambers, where some MPs refused to sign, Head of the association, Mohamed Abbad, told Echorouk, on the sidelines of the historical seminar, which was organized on Monday at the Tassili residence in Illizi province (Southern Algeria).

"Some MPs' position is surprising, because they are supposed to be among the first claimants to retrieve the martyr's skulls, while the majority of them signed in favor of this requirement".

"Second step is about the battle of Essien on the Algerian-Libyan border, which included national organizations and associations in all the provinces, pending the completion of collecting signatures of citizens, as a last step".

"I do not have a specific number of the total signatures that are collected so far. The formal activity is led by the Algerian government, as we will wait to see what will the authorities do about the file, in order to seriously move in demand, which will be discussed in the seminar that will be held on November 18, about the leader Sheikh Bouziane, leader of Zaatecha revolution, as his skull is also concerned, and here will decide about the next step of the association".

In his response to Echorouk question, about the possibility to resort to justice and international courts, in order to retrieve the skulls, Mohamed Abado confirmed that the French authorities expressed their willingness to deal on this subject, which means that the file is on its way to find a solution, through the diplomatic routes between Algeria and France, at the same time, and in case of refusal we will resort to international courts in order to achieve this requirement.

"We are not seeking to adopt the file of retrieving the skulls of the Algerian resistance fighters, which number is more than 18 thousand skulls, only 500 of them are identified, including 36 which belong to resistance fighters and leaders of revolutions, including Sheikh Bouziane and Cherif Boubeghla".

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