Contradiction between Finance Minister and Governor of the Bank of Algeria over hard currency exchange Offices

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icon-writer By: Hassan Houicha /*/ English Version: Med.B.

Finance Minister Haji Baba Ammi, and the Governor of the Bank of Algeria made contradictory statements regarding the projected opening of hard currency exchange offices in Algeria, and the irony is that the statements were made as the two officials’ offices were separated only by 5 meters at most.

Surprisingly enough, the Minister of Finance declared that these exchange offices had been given the green light to open, adding that many requests had been received to this effect while the Governor of the Bank of Algeria asserted for his part that the issue of these exchange offices is not currently on the table at all.

In this context, the finance minister said on Tuesday, on the sidelines of the launch of electronic payment at the El Aurassi  Hotel in upper Algiers that "the exchange offices for foreign currency, have been declared operational adding that the Bank of Algeria is steadily working on this file”.

Contrary to what was stated by the Minister of Finance, the Bank of Algeria Governor Mohamed Lokal made a quite  opposite statement on the matter, stressing that the issue of hard currency exchange offices to be opened in Algeria is not the order of the day for the time being.


He affirmed that certain criteria and conditions had to be met being considering the opening of these offices in the country.

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