Youcef Mecheria: “Certain malevolent Websites are attempting to steer Algerian women towards extremism”

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icon-writer By: Wahiba Slimani /*/ English Version: Med.B.

The Secretary-General of the Association of Scholars of Sahel countries, Youcef Mecheria, has urged Algerian imams or religious preachers to concentrate on a “middle of the road” religious discourse with respect to matters relating to the affairs of women and the family, while warning against certain malevolent websites run by foreign entities and terrorist groups which are prompting Algerian women to delve into extremism.

He pointed out that the Imams’ discourse about women in mosques must be marked by flexibility, leniency as well as by wisdom and good advice.

Cheikh Youcef Mecheria told “Echorouk” to this effect that certain nefarious terrorist groups like "Boko Haram" and "Daesh" are intent on a radicalization of vulnerable women notably in the Sahel countries, pointing out that social networking sites like "Facebook" and "Tweeter" are being exploited by these terror groups to entrap women in order to recruit them in extremist organizations.

Our interlocutor underlined that the mosques of Algeria are greatly required today to promote the culture of a level-headed religious consciousness in order to achieve religious and intellectual immunity notably by preserving Algerian women in particular and African women in general from being led astray by these radical organizations and their most deleterious rhetoric.

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