FLN’s leader: General Toufik is mastermind of France’s officers

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icon-writer By: Mohamed Meslem / English version: M. A.

Secretary General of Algeria’s FLN party Amar Saidani renewed his allegance to President Abdelaziz Bouteflika. He continued criticizing General Toufik and his predecessor Abdelaziz Belkahdem.

Saidani started his speech by hailing President Bouteflika’s role in restoring security and stability in the country thanks to the National Reconciliation.

He described the president as a “peace bird” which restored stability in Algeria and boosted development.

Observers believe that Saidani tries to deny rumors about alleged tension between him and the president.

He described former intelligence chief General Toufik as the “mastermind of France’s officers” who raised conflicts in Algeria.

“They caused hunger and fears among Algerians. They include France’s officers and intellectuals,” the FLN’s leader told a news conference on Wednesday. 

He also criticized his rival in the party Abdelaziz Belkhadem, describing him as “France’s partisan.”

He talked about the involvement of Belkhadem’s family during the colonization period.


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