Mutton issue: investigation results to be released this week

date 2016/10/06 views 68 comments 0

icon-writer By: Radia Merbah / English version: M. A.

The National Gendarmerie forces are expected to release results about mutton this week. Reports said the meat was green and blue coloured as raisers fed their sheep with a hormone to make them grow fast.

The finance and economy commission of the Algiers Provincial Council held a meeting on Thursday. It came up with the fact that infected sheep were sold by people who did not respect standards. 

The Algiers vet inspector Doctor Youssfi said the investigation results will be released this week.

Speaking about the hormone, he said analyses results will show the truth.

The Municipal Council’s members were unanimous on the fact that markets are operating in anarchy and sanction measures are absent.

The Algiers health director said no death case due to this problem was reported.

The Association of Concumers’ Protection suggested solutions such as establishing invoices between sheep sellers and buyers and obliging sheep raisers to have a commercial register.

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