Over 6000 Terrorists Travel With Forged Passports

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icon-writer Nouara Bachouche/English version: Dalila Henache

Algeria received a warning from the International Police Organization "Interpol", as a permanent member, about the need to strengthen prudential measures at the border inspection points, after preparing on October 1, a list of the names with 6000 people with different nationalities, including recruited and fighters in the ranks of the terrorist organization ISIS, who travel with false passports by air, sea and land.

"Interpol General Secretariat sent to Algeria, together with all member countries of the organization, a warning that recommends the tightening of inspection procedures at the checkpoints, regarding a list of the names of 6000 people with various nationalities, who joined fighters in the ranks of the terrorist organization "ISIS", as this list was generalized and included in the lists of the ban at airports and ports in various countries of the world, and which are subject to revision and addition from time to time", security sources told Echorouk.

"People who are listed by the Interpol General Secretariat as very dangerous are travelling with stolen and forged passports from one country to another, especially since the database of the organization currently includes, according to the latest update, detailed information on nearly Syrian and Iraqi 250.000 passports, that were stolen and missing, as international intelligence investigations have reported the theft of more than 190.000 unfilled documents".

Warning message focused on the need of continuing cooperation between all member countries, and work to check the information that is available to them in depth, in order to prevent the escape of any suspect, as INTERPOL also developed, aiming to help Algeria, all the documents and detailed data, in order to focus, rely on and use this database to determine the identity of the waned terrorists and stop the increasing use of illegal weapons, and rely on information management system on a regular basis and focus on the search on the database of the organization, since these steps come in the context of the increasing terrorist attacks that hit the members of the INTERPOL countries, and the cross borders crime, and this is to come up with effective field solutions to fight criminal acts especially transnational terrorist threats that that have become a danger to many countries.

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