Algeria Withdraws From Shimon Peres Memorial Ceremony At UNESCO

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icon-writer Zahia/M.English version: Dalila Henache

Algeria withdrew from UNESCO's memorial ceremony of the Zionist leader Shimon Peres, where several Arab delegations attended it, including Egypt, Palestine, Jordan, Morocco, and Oman, while Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Algeria, Pakistan, and Qatar withdrew from the same ceremony.

Head of Anti-Normalization With Israel Association, Khaled Ben Smail, told Echorouk that the Algerian ambassador's position at the UNESCO was consistent with the Algerian fixed positions over the Palestinian cause, and traditionally rejects any form of normalization with the Zionist entity.

"Algeria's boycott of the memorial ceremony of the war criminal Perez is in line with the political principles and values ​​of Algeria on the normalization with Israel, despite the existence of a lobby that is seeking to penetrate Algeria by bringing products that are made in Israel to Algeria, but the Algerian political positions remain steadfast in the face of normalization".

Saudi ambassador to the United Nations Organization for Science and Culture "UNESCO", also wrote on Twitter that his withdrawal from the memorial ceremony of Peres comes "in tune with his country's clear policy and the wise attitude of the leadership in such issues".

Arab Twitter followers launched a widespread criticism on the UNESCO after having programmed a memorial service for Shimon Peres who is responsible for the killing of hundreds of children, and the series of mass massacres against the Arabs and the Palestinians, and wonder about the organization's claims to defend peace and security, but at the same time it pays tribute to a serial killer after his quest for several decades to occupy Palestine and adopt mass massacres.

Withdrawal of the Algerian delegate from the memorial ceremony came to be added to the positions that were expressed by the national public opinion about the normalization of relationships with Israel, including the refusal of the Algerian national team of women's Goalball against it Israeli counterpart, during the RIO Paralympics 2016, along with a series of condemnation by the political class to the initiative of the Rotary Club of Relizane which sent condolences to Israel after the death of its president, which raised controversy of the political class and civil society representatives, and forced the Religious Affairs Minister, Mohamed Issa, to broke his silence and disown the step of Rotary club.

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