Many Algerians Are Deprived From Ownership Documents Of Their Properties In Tunisia

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icon-writer Rachid Chouikh/English version: Dalila Henache

Many Algerians, who are owners of properties in several cities in Tunisia, call upon the senior authorities in the country to intervene with the Tunisian counterparts in order to enable them from obtaining ownership documents, after they faced a series of bureaucratic hurdles by a number of governors in Tunisia, unlike the large facilities that are received by the French, Germans and Italians in this area.

A number of Algerian businessmen told Echorouk that they bought properties, buildings and large commercial spaces, and even agricultural lands in a number of Tunisian regions since years ago, especially in Tunis, Sousse, and Hammamat, in order to invest there and strengthen the aggrieved Tunisian economy, during the period after the revolution.

"We were surprised by a series of endless bureaucratic procedures that were taken against them by Tunisian administrations. We bought lands and buildings, through Tunisian real estate agencies, and we obtained other preliminary administrative documents, in this regard, and asked them to submit requests to obtain full documentation, especially the original property document and we sent correspondences to governors where our buildings are located, and the lands which we bought in the territory of their specialty, but our applications that were filed since years ago for some, and since months for others, are still in the racks of the Tunisian Governors' offices. When we asked about the progress of our files at the administrative departments, we do not receive convincing answers and we are asked to return there in another day".

But what chocked the Algerians businessmen and owners of real estate in the eastern neighbor, is that the Europeans like the French, Italian and German settled their administrative situation immediately after the purchase of buildings and real estate, and a number of Algerians who bought properties from the French and Germans in Tunisia, have settled their situation quickly, unlike the Algerian -Tunisian transactions.

Algerian businessmen confirm the necessity of activating the bilateral agreements between the two countries, which allow citizens of both countries to own land and real estate without restrictions, and register them in the administrative departments normally, as if they are transactions between citizens of the same country.

"We call upon the Tunisian head of government, Youcef Chahed, who is on a visit to Algeria, to find a solution to this file, in order to develop the bilateral economic relationships between the two countries, and to help the creation of job opportunities for Tunisian citizens, and contribute to move the wheel of the Tunisian economy, that was hit by destitution since the revolution of January 14, 2011".

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