Pope Francis Castigates France’s School Curriculum Over “Gender Theory”

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icon-writer By: Nadia Slimani /*/ English Version: Med.B.

Numerous Algerian citizens in Algeria and overseas have expressed their backing on social networks notably on facebook and Twitter for the recent remarks made by Pope Francis regarding the untoward teaching of “gender theory” in French schools.

The latter also voiced their opposition to the reported ongoing endeavor by national education minister Mrs Nouria Benghebrit aimed at calling upon French experts in working out the second generation curricula of schools in Algeria, arguing that this would plunge the national school system into confusion and turmoil to the detriment of our disoriented school-children.

Speaking to journalists on the aircraft taking him back to Rome from the Caucasus region on Sunday, Pope Francis told journalists an anecdote relayed to him by the father of a French Catholic family. 

The man had said that when his ten-year-old son was asked during a family meal what he wanted to be when he grew up, the boy responded, “I want to be a girl”.

“The father then realized that in schoolbooks, ‘gender theory’, which is against nature, is still taught notably in France,” the Pope said, denouncing what he called “sly indoctrination”.

Pope Francis had denounced “gender theory” in the Georgian capital Tblisi at the weekend, saying it was part of a “world war to destroy marriage”.

The attempt to “change mentalities” in terms of gender theory was “ideological colonization”, he said.

The fundamentalist Christian right movement in France claims that school children are taught there is no difference between boys and girls, and that one is free to choose one’s gender.  This has been repeatedly denied by the socialist government.

The French conservative “Manif Pour Tous Organization”, which staged huge demonstrations in France against the legalization of same-sex marriage in 2013, has scheduled a national protest march in a fortnight’s time against medically assisted procreation for homosexual couples.

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