Minister: Islam in Algeria is danger due to fierce sectarian invasion

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icon-writer By: Echorouk / English version: M. A.

Algeria’s religious affairs minister Mohamed Aissa warned against a “fierce” sectarian invasion meant to disturb religious reference. “This endangers Islam in Algeria,” he said.

The minister called on imams to get mobilized to raise awareness among Algerians about overseas religious and intellectual dangers.

He said religious extremism is the biggest danger on Algerians’ beliefs. “I am not afraid of internal extremism because Algeria faced and ended it in the 1990’s. The frightening extremism is that which enters Algeria through foreign channels and sectorial groups such as Shia. It is the biggest danger because it is in contradiction with Algerians’ religious and national identity,” he added.

He talked about a meeting with executives to examine ways to face this religious invasion in Algeria.



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