Enterprises have 160 billion DZ debts due to phone and Internet

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icon-writer By: Imene Aouimer / English version: M. A.

Algeria Telecoms has 160 billion DZ debts due to tax evasion, General Director Tayeb Kebal told journalists on Sunday.

“Algerie Telecoms has a heavy legacy of debts due to tax evasion. They go back to years ago but they have not been recovered so far,” he added.

Those debts may undermine the enterprise projects.

“We assigned a commission to supervise the operation. Companies will have to pay debts or justice will decide in their case,” said Algerie Telecoms General Director.

He did not reveal the involved companies names. Yet, a letter addressed by Prime Minister Abdelmalek Sellal and reported by media shows that debts were not paid by state-owned enterprises, public administrations and ministries.

Speaking about e-payment, Kebbal said the operation came into force few days ago. It will enable people to carry out financial operations via computers or smartphones.




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