Tens of Moroccans seek Algerian nationality

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icon-writer By: Bouchrif. A. / English version: M. A.

Tens of Moroccans apply for Algerian nationality. More than 10 Moroccan submit their applications at a court in Tlemcen every day, Echorouk has learnt.

The law allows husbands or children to have Algerian nationality if their wives or mothers are Algerian. This pushed many Moroccans to marry with Algerian girls and live in Algeria.

This comes as Morocco experiences a sharp economic crisis and the noose was tightened on borders to counter smuggling. 

Figures show that more than 350,000 Moroccan are living in Algeria secretly. Most of them come from eastern Morocco and work on their own business.

According to the same sources, Moroccans want Algerian nationality due to their living conditions. Algeria took strict measures to stop smuggling on its borders. This had negative repercussions on living conditions of many Moroccans living in the east of Morocco.

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