Algeria: Heroin and Cocaine in the Hands of Pupils in Schools!

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icon-writer By: Hassan Houicha /*/ English Version: Med.B.

A fact-finding study conducted by the National Center for the fight against Drugs and drugs’ addiction showed that nearly 3 percent of Algerian school-children are using drugs, while nearly 10 percent are current smokers, and pointed to the entry of such hard drugs as cocaine and heroin into the premises of many Algerian schools.

The head of the National Center for Studies of special analyses of population and development, Mr Belkasmi Daoud,  asserted that field investigation which was carried out in cooperation with services of the Ministry of National Education and the Office of the fight against drugs and drugs’ addiction, revealed that 2.72 percent of the school-children are taking cannabis, ("hashish”), while the percentage of those who are consuming  cocaine stands at 0.42 percent and those taking heroin has reached 0.32 percent .

He said on Tuesday while expounding the results of the school field investigation about the consumption of drugs at the Magistrates’ Higher School in El Biar district in upper Algiers, that the Algerian schools also reported the consumption of the “Chicha” at about 8.5 percent and sniffs of tobacco quid at around 4.55 percent, while the proportion of smokers among school-children has reached 9.32 percent.

The investigation also underscored that the rate of alcohol consumption among students reached nearly 2 percent of them and hallucinogenic pills’ consumption was set at 1.79 percent.

The spokesman further explained that the relevant field study concerned 46 provinces of the country except those of Tindouf and Illizi, adding the drugs’ related census affected a total of 12 thousand and 13 students.

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