Professor Mesbah: Decision to withdraw “dubious” Pentavalent vaccine was a difficult procedure

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The Ministry of Health, Population and Hospital Reform, on Wednesday, sought to reassure citizens about the ill-fated “Pentavalent” vaccine affair which led to the recent death of two infants, and stressed the continuation of the process of vaccination in the context of the new national calendar.

The Director in charge of prevention and health promotion at the health ministry, Professor Ismail Mesbah, emphasized on the sidelines of the World Health Organization for the African region meeting on the fight against smoking, that the ministry "is determined to continue the vaccination process in the framework of the new calendar with the withdrawal of the Pentavalent vaccine temporarily” following the death of two infants in a private clinic of Rouiba on the eastern outskirts of Algiers immediately after receiving this vaccine, stressing that the relevant officials are now waiting for the outcome of the ongoing investigation into the case.

Professor Mesbah explained that the ministry's decision to withdraw this suspicious vaccine was a "tough move", but it was taken all the same as a matter of caution, security and protection of citizens’ health, stressing that the health of citizens requires the participation of all and sundry.

He also pointed out that the vaccine "Pentavalent" is recognized by the World Health Organization and is used in many countries of the world, but in view of "the fear of citizens" from the use of this vaccine, the health ministry has decided to turn to another supplier recognized by the WHO organization.

The national committee of experts in vaccination recommended to this effect to the Pasteur Institute to find a new supplier for a relevant vaccine "that obeys the rules of the pre-qualification from the WHO, and therefore the “Pentavalent” vaccine, previously used, should remain in a quarantine pending the results of the judicial inquiry, it underscored. 

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