Financial Act 2017: budget goes down by more than $2 billion

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icon-writer By: Aissa. B. / English version: M. A.

The budget of the Financial Draft Law 2017 has gone down by more than 216 billion DZ compared to 2016 due to oil price fall.

Tout Sur l’Algérie news website reported that ministries budget except the health ministry decreased. Sovereignty ministries maintained the same budget. The budget of the President’s Office went down to 782 billion DZ from 790 billion DZ. The agriculture ministry budget also decreased to 212.79 billion DZ in 2017 compared to 254 billion DZ in 2016. This goes contrarily to the official discourse about the forthcoming Algerian policy which would rely on self-sufficiency and the country’s resources instead of oil.

Prime Minister Abdelmalek Sellal said budgets will not be reduced for education sector. Yet, the national education ministry budget went down to 746.26 billion DZ in 2017 compared to 764.05 billion DZ in 2016. Higher education sector budget also decrease.

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