Algeria Counts 15 Cases of Kids Abduction, Murder In 2015

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icon-writer By: Salah Fellag Chobra / English version: Dalila Henache

Algerian League for the Defense of Human Rights, warned against complacency in the fight against the phenomenon of child abduction, which is growing in Algeria, after counting 15 cases of kids abduction and murder in 2015, for psychological aspects, social and economic problems, calling upon families and all actors in order to put an end to these serious crimes.

ALDHR said that the abduction of kids and subjecting them to harm and the most intense is murder began in Algeria since 2008, and these crimes increased for up to 15 murder cases in one year, in addition to the cases that were recorded this year, most recently the murder of the kid Yacine in Bechar (Southern Algeria).

"Reasons for the spread of this phenomenon due primarily to homosexuality with a rate of 32%, and the settling of accounts and revenge by 15%, extortion and ransom demands by 13%, and sorcery and magic by 11%, and other causes that increased by 7%, according to the outcome of the security services' investigations in most cases.

A statement of the association explained that criminal reasons against kids may be overlapping with psychological, social and economic problems, which must be addressed, calling upon researchers in sociology and psychology to contribute in the fight against this phenomenon and to participate with the civil society and its efforts to eliminate them.

"Families should not leave their kids in the street to play, or for other purposes, and associations and security services should also participate in the fight against begging, homelessness, child labor, abuse and drug trafficking, in addition to sorcery that involved people who are convinced to participate in crimes against kids. Violent, aggressive or mentally ill individuals should be treated before they become involved in crimes of this kind."

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