Security Services Investigate In Oil Companies Recruitment

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icon-writer By: Nassim. C. / English version: Dalila Henache

Security services of Ouergla province (Southern Algeria), launch in-depth investigations into the recruitment process in oil companies that are operating in Hassi Messaoud (Southern Algeria), as they asked the departments of human resources of these companies to provide detailed data about people who were recruited since the beginning of the current year, reliable sources told Echorouk.

"Human resources managers of the various companies that are operating in the province of Hassi Messaoud (southern Algeria), begun in the last two days to prepare a comprehensive outcome concerning the recruitment operations that were carried out by companies accompanied by a detailed schedule that includes figures of job offers and the proposed positions, and the dates of recruitment operations that were conducted by companies."

"Security authorities asked the companies to provide copies of identity documents for people who have been recruited since the beginning of the current year."

Experts in the recruitment file in Ouargla consider that the decision of security services to investigate in this file, is a positive step because it came in response to what is called the pressing demands that were filed by jobless and various activists in the province, who called for the need to open a comprehensive security investigation into the ways of hiring that are adopted by the national and foreign oil companies, causing an unrest and protests that condemned the exclusion of jobless youth with crooked ways like the crippling conditions that are imposed by some companies, and the exclusion of job candidates during the conduct of professional examinations, which are the complexities that the concerned authorities failed to solve in previous years, although the ministry sent commissions of inquiry there, but with no results and conditions remained the same.

"Security investigation comes in light of the weakness of the services in charge of control, represented by the Regional Labor Inspectorate and its branch in Hassi Messaoud, that becomes ambiguous than ever after the aggravation of what is described as the "suspicious recruitment operations", that are registered in many companies that exploited the negative role of the body in question, and resorted more than once to direct employment, such as what happened in the case of "Vigil Group" file, and what raised from the repercussions that reached the termination of the functions of the head of the local employment agency, and the punishment by the disciplinary board."

Previously, recruitment breaches in oil companies in Hassi Messaoud (southern Algeria), are mentioned continuously in the protests of jobless youth in the city, who filled complaints or sent statements to associations or local elected people against companies which are violating the law through the exclusion of jobless citizens.

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