Algerian war veterans “terrorists,” says Russia President

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icon-writer By: Mohamed Meslem / English version: M. A.

Algeria’s friend and ally Vladimir Putin is in big trouble as he described Algerian war veterans as “terrorists” during a meeting held with his French counterpart François Holland behind the scenes.

Two journalists at Le Monde French newspaper reported the Russian President’s remarks in their book released last week in Paris. 

They said Putin told his French counterpart: “anyway, you know who are the terrorists. They are the same who you fought in Algeria.” Holland replied: “but I hold talks with those we waged a war in Algeria.”

Those unprecedented remarks came in a meeting between the two presidents in February 2015 about the Syrian crisis. Russian President asked his French counterpart to stand by Al-Assad regime side.

“We recognize states. You intervened in Mali upon a request from the State to fight terrorists. Because of that, France should have the same position towards the Syrian crisis. Opposition in Syria is not legitimate. They are just terrorists,” he told him.

French President defended opposition in Syria, saying: “they are not terrorists.” Putin replied: “you say this because you have Muslims in France and you want to protect them.” Holland replied: “yes, we intervened in Mali. Yet, Muslims did not ask for anything. Don’t tell me that Bachar’s regime is democratic.”

Algeria and Russia share almost the same positions about many regional issues such as the Syrian and Libyan crises. 

Russian President supported the Algiers agreement to cut oil production. 

Algeria is a traditional client for Russia in terms of arms.


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