Algeria is a terror country, according to US TV series

date 2016/10/15 views 131 comments 0

icon-writer By: Aissa. B. / English version: M. A.

Designated Survivor is one of the famous American TV series broadcast on ABC channels. It was translated into tens of languages. They are a mixture of drama and suspense. Yet, its scriptwriters involved Algeria in a negative way. An episode will be broadcast late in October. It tells a story about terrorist events against some Americans in southern Algeria led by an Algerian terrorist named Nacer Majed. The US forces intervene to eliminate him.

The series also involves Algerian politicians. In a sequence, US forces are trapped by terrorists. Their President intervene to negotiate with Algerian authorities which reject any military intervention. The US decide to carry out a nuclear attack on the south of Algeria to kill the terrorists. The episode will end by a definitive elimination of terrorists in the world.

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