Noreddine Badaoui: "Parties Conspire Against Algeria To Expose It To Enemies

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icon-writer Walid.A/English version: Dalila Henache

Interior and Local Communities Minister, Noureddine Badaoui, accused some unnamed parties of target the country, seeking to undermine its reputation at home and abroad, put it in the hands of its enemies and delve into the paths of adventure and sedition.

He called upon governors to cooperate with the security services of people of good will in the community, to nullify such attempts, and asked local authorities to rationalize expenditure and make it a reference in every decision that has financial implications.

In an unusual speech, during his supervision on appointing new governors, on Saturday, the Interior Minister accused unnamed parties of conspiring against Algeria to harm its reputation internally and externally. 

"Governors should address, with professionalism the attempts that are carried out by these circles to maintain security and stability gains, which is one of the priorities in their work".

"President Bouteflika follows the daily work of the governors of the Republic. Maintaining security and stability, tranquility and serenity must be one of the priorities of the work of the governors".

"People insists on maintaining its security and stability, and it mortgages and announced the choice to live in peace and stability".

"National reconciliation's gains are important, and everyone should work to consolidate its values ​​that have become constitutional among the younger generations. Governors should cooperate with the security services and show full coordination to confront anyone who tries to prejudice to these gains. 

In response to the question about the suspicious intentions and criticizing everything that is done by the public authority, even though it had a visible positive, he said; "Governors should strengthen communication with the owners of good wills and show good interaction with them quickly". 

"We should reduce the size of the achievements and gains. Best response to these parties is using vigilance and serving the citizens honestly, and showing presence beside them in prosperity and distress".

"Governors should make the citizens in the center of attention, because they are waiting to improve its living conditions and listening and communicate with them, and involving them in the cities and municipalities options through a creative participatory approach".

"Governors movement came in privileged circumstances, especially since the President of the Republic called for strengthening the country's immunity and democratic structure, through a constitutional review with a democratic dimension that ranks the constitutional order at the forefront of the most liberal systems in the world, and most respectful to the individual and collective liberties".

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