Members of Parliament call for withdrawing retirement law

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icon-writer By: Imene Aouimer / English version: M. A.

Some members of Parliament called on work minister Mohamed Ghazi to withdraw or postpone retirement draft law until a debate is held with independent unions.

The deputies refused to face independent unions, saying the government made the decision individually in a recent tripartite meeting.

This comes as the unions plan to go on a national strike on Monday to protest against the government for neglecting them.

The FLN’s representative Amina Sidi Adda told Echorouk she proposed to postpone the law until it is discussed with all the workers’ unions and civil society. 

Representative of the Workers’ Party Ismail Kouadria called for withdrawing the law because reasons behind it are “unconvincing and not straight.” He said independent unions were not involved in talks about the law.

He added that official figures show that more than 5 million and 500,000 workers do not have social security. “The government should have treated this instead of going for anticipated retirement.”

Representative of the same party Rahima Benbessa said the reasons behind the law are not convincing because the decision was made in an anarchical way without consulting unions.

“I wish independent unions were involved in talks about this law because we will face a real shortage in the number of executives,” she added.


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