Lamamra: "Holland Did Not Get Rid Of The French Algeria Dream"

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icon-writer Mohamed Moslem/English version: Dalila Henache

State and Foreign Affairs Minister, Ramtane Lamamra, did not miss the opportunity to respond to the French President, Francois Hollande, who took from his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin abusive statements against the Algerian war veterans during the revolution, when he described as "terrorists".

Algerian diplomat waited for the National Migration Day, 17 October, to comment on Hollande's statements, which he considered a weeping over the ruins of the loss of the "Eldorado", and said: "It seems that France is still nostalgic for the colonial period", a characterization that is usually used to describe the circuits that have long clung to the dream of a "French Algeria", and the reference here to the remnants of the pieds-noirs.

Lamamra expressed Algeria's resentment from the abusive statements of the French politicians, saying: "At a time when we celebrate and commemorate the Revolution Day of October 17, 1961, and pray for those who sacrificed their lives, there is still a nostalgia for the colonial period on the other side of the Mediterranean (France)".

Previously, French left-wing has been reticent to engage in debates concerning the French colonial past in Algeria, and even when the right wing MPs deputies (Union for a Popular Movement) decided to create a Colonialism Glorification Law in February 2005, MPs of the Socialist Party did not join the decision and remained opposed to the bill, which has left great controversy and tension between the two countries caused of the cancellation of agreements that were prepared for signature.

It is known that the French left is more repudiated of the negative-colonial consequences, compared to the right that is represented by by the former French president, Nicolas Sarkozy (Republican Party), but the inclusion of Francois Hollande, who represents the left wing, by Lamamra, within the right-wing groups is a skeptical action against the positions that are shown by him, and which were in the other direction.

French president already described colonialism as the "unjust and brutal regime" during a visit to Algeria, but the comments that followed were not in line with the previous ones, and perhaps the last gesture toward the "Harkis" is the most prominent evidence of his fluctuating attitudes, which pays to wonder if it comes to a new strategy by Holland, to run in the next presidential elections that will be organized in the spring of 2017.

In another context, the response of the head of the Algerian diplomacy to the French offense, though it is not in the French official's level, who committed level, it is a new approach by the Algerian authorities in dealing with the former colonizer, consisting of reciprocity and intolerance on any abuses, whatever their origin.

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