Tayeb Zitouni: "Peoples' Revolutionary Work Is Not Terrorism"

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icon-writer Sofiane.A/English version: Dalila Henache

Directives of President of the Republic Abdelaziz Bouteflika insisted on the need to enable generations to get their share of historical knowledge and keep emotional ties with the memory that develops the pride of belonging to the homeland of martyrs, War Veteans Minister, Tayeb Zitouni, said in a speech on the official ceremony for the 55th National Day of Migration that was hosted by Relizane province (Western Algeria).

"Memory should be given importance and prestige in our daily life", referring to the great attention that is given by the state for ceremonies that are related to the memory and commemorating the revolution icons and its events.

"Victims who were killed in the heinous massacre of October 17, 1961 in France are an example of altruism, love for homeland and dedication that characterized our expatriates".

"We denounce the deliberate confusion in the recruitment of concepts by some parties that condone the heinous crimes that are committed by the colonial system in its colonies, and tends to take out military operations by colonized peoples that are aspiring to freedom and recovering sovereignty, from the historical context, through describing them as terrorist attacks".

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