5 years in prison inflicted on drug baron "Ousama Escobar", on his father and his lawyer

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icon-writer By: Meriem. Z. /*/ English Version: Med.B.

The El Harrach Court, on Monday, sealed the case of the accused, "Ousama H," a drug baron who escaped several months ago from from the penal institution of El Harrach on the eastern outskirts of Algiers, by issuing a judgment at first instance subject to appeal.

The Court after deliberations handed down judgments against the defendants ranging from five years in prison and acquittal in addition to fines of between 20 and 100 thousand dinars, against all the 19 accused  suspected of being involved in the case.

The Court thus inflicted five years imprisonment on the main defendant drug baron “Oussama. H” as well as on his father and his lawyer “Zahira. L” and other sentences ranging between 3 and 2 years and 8 months in detention were given to several prison wardens who had facilitated the drug baron’s last summer’s escape from El Harrach penitentiary.

The 17 people brought before the judge of El Harrach court, were subjected to a prior judicial investigation for criminal conspiracy, complicity and aiding and abetting a prisoner in his escape. Committal orders and putting under judicial control were ordained against ten of them and arrest warrants were issued against those still at large.

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