No visas from tourist agencies for Umrah during Mawlid Ennabwi Acharif!

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icon-writer By: Asma Bahlouli /*/ English Version: Med.B.

The Director General of the National Office of Hajj and Umrah, Mr Youcef Azouza, revealed in an exclusive statement to “Echorouk” the taking of new measures for the first time, concerning the Hajj or pilgrimage season, by barring from now onwards the delivery of visas from tourist agencies and their collection by the recipients from the National Office of Hajj and Umrah directly after being issued by the services of the Saudi Embassy in Algiers.

Our interlocutor said the move is aimed at ending the long queues and regulating the process by making it more flexible and more efficient.

Mr Azouza also unveiled the content of the meeting, he had earlier this week in Algiers with the Saudi ambassador, saying he had raised concerns notably concerning the exemption of Algerian Hajjis or pilgrims from the imposed 2,000 Rial fee.

In a bid to ease the administrative burden on those Algerians seeking to perform Umrah or Hajj pilgrimage, Mr Youcef Azouza  stated that the tourist agencies which were slated to organize the Umrah season this year, have now  been exempted from the visa procedures and this process will be taken in charge by the Hajj and Umrah national Office directly in order to straighten out the situation and avert any lapses.

He added that this is the first time that this procedure will be applied? stressing that the national Federation of tourist agencies had been duly notified of this decision during a broad-based encounter with their representatives pending its coming into force shortly and well before the start of the Umrah or small pilgrimage season.

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