Tayeb Zitouni: "France Has The Complex Of Algeria Revolution"

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icon-writer M.Lahouazi/English version: Dalila Henache

Hollande's statements contradicted his previous ones during the first electoral term and during his official visit to Algeria in 2012, War Veterans Minister, Tayeb Zitouni, said on Tuesday, while he was the "Guest of the Morning" Program at the 1st Radio Channel.

"It seems to me that some politicians in France are still nostalgic for the Algeria French dream. France still suffers from the complex of the Algerian revolution".

"Algeria's internal front should be united to face all the fierce campaigns against it through being above all the marginal problems and put the public interest in the priorities' strategy. French President François Hollande's statements against the Algerian war veterans will only increase strength and stability in Algeria's positions, that are derived from the glorious revolution of November".

"Algeria, which took a well-deserved independence and with sacrifices of its people and the blood of its martyrs remain committed to its revolutionary principles. It will not change them and will not change its positions towards the liberalization issues, including Palestine and the Western Sahara, which is a reason for the success of its foreign policy".

"We regret the degradation of recent relationships between Algeria and France, because these statements and attacks, which undermines the trust that we were able to build between the two countries in the recent years to resolve the outstanding problems".

"France must be punished for the ugly crimes that it committed against the Algerian people, and for the harassment, killing and extermination of civilians, knowing that it claims democracy, equality and freedom. Day will arrive to lift the file of the suffering of the Algerian people inside the human rights offices by historians".

"Committees were created for the recovery of the rights of Algerians from France regarding the recovery of the National Archives, and the compensation on nuclear tests in the south of the country".

"Concerning the lost Mujahideen (war veterans) file, the ministry launched, during the first phase, a census of files of more than 2000 lost war veterans, whether they were imprisoned in torture centers or inside the headquarters of the police and gendarmerie and the French army. They have their names, including Maurice Audin, Sheikh Larbi Tebessi and Ahmed Bougherra and others".

"Although France declared the number of the lost war veterans, which may be larger, but it does not talk about this subject".

Regarding the file of recovering of skulls of Algerians, especially the resistance fighters and senior leaders of revolution, including Sheikh Boubeghla and Sheikh Bouziane, the minister explained that this file is taking too much focus, and revealed the true face of the French colonialism.

"No religion, whether it is Islam, Christianity of or Judaism would tamper with the remains of humans. The operation lasted more than a century and a half, and this crime is one of the French crimes that will not be erased from the history of humanity".

"We should insist on the principle of retrieve the skulls of the martyrs, and not to abandon it. There are contacts between our representatives and officials with the Musée de l'Homme to solve this issue".

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