Hicham Aboud apologizes to Said Bouteflika

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icon-writer By: Walid. A. / English version: M. A.

Opposition politician Hicham Aboud apologies to the youngest brother of the President of the Republic Said Bouteflika. This shows that he reversed its position as he had made offending remarks about the President’s family earlier.

Those apologies came as Said Bouteflika showed “human positions” towards Aboud. He said he received a call from the President’s brother to ask about his health as he underwent a surgery, few days ago.

Aboud Sunday told a satellite channel he thanks Said Bouteflika who expressed condolences to him about the death of his mother. 

Aboud-owned news website reported that the President’s Office gave instructions to the Algerian consulate in northern France to follow up his health state.

Aboud is a former officer in the Algerian intelligence and owner of two banned newspapers. 

“This bravery pushes me to present apologies if I offended him or his cousins,” he said.

Aboud published many articles in relation to the President’s cousins which were considered as “offending.” He also made “hostile” remarks against the President’s family raising a large controversy.

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